Date posted: March 8, 2016

With the year well underway, there have already been some fantastic opportunities to be involved with the Victorian family business community including the recent Conversation Series. Coming up in March is the Family Business Directors Course on Monday 21st – Tuesday 22nd. This presents the opportunity to understand the value a board can add to your family business, as well as your duties and responsibilities as a director. Although the March course is currently full, if you are interested please contact Alex Petersen the State Manager as a second course might be held later in the year.

I have done this course and personally I found it extremely valuable, assisting me personally and my business. It gave me important knowledge and procedures I was able to implement at Compu-Stor. It also gave me the push I needed to become the chair of the Vic State Committee and also a member of the FBA National Board.

I look forward to seeing you at an event soon.

Jeremy Manford
Victorian State Chair