Family Business Australia provides a range of services and products to assist family businesses achieve long term success.

The key to family business success

Based on our research, family businesses can better maintain profit, continue to grow and manage a successful transition of business ownership through committing to professional development. FBA highly recommends you attend professional development courses with your family and management team to realise the greatest benefits. FBA selects course presenters who have had significant work and academic experience in the field of family business, providing participants access to deep understanding and practical lessons that can be taken back to the business.


Grow professionally and personally through FBA Courses. FBA hold a range of courses over the calendar year to assist family business individuals, their advisers, directors and employees create a sustainable and professional family business. Course sizes are limited to ensure a high level of interaction and seats often sell out fast.

FBA currently offer courses that cover the following areas identified as sources of competitive advantage and pain points for family businesses.

  • Frameworks for sustainable success
  • Leadership transition
  • Measuring performance
  • Financial management strategies
  • Leadership generation for incumbent and Next Gen members of family businesses
  • The roles and responsibilities of directors
  • Family business governance
  • Strategic planning for family business
Courses are scheduled throughout the year, or can be tailored and presented to your entire family business group at a time and location that suits you upon request. We encourage key managers within family businesses to attend courses as a group to enhance the engagement with content. 


 FBA run a variety of learning and development based events in most states and territories over the calendar year. These events are for all family business stakeholders to attend and enhance development of their role in a family business. All events are created to address specific areas of interest or areas for potential growth identified through research. See your state’s calendar of events to see what events may be of interest.

If you would like FBA to address a particular topic or area at an event, feel free to submit your questions here.