Family Business Australia’s goal is to grow alongside the family business community, ensuring we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of this dynamic sector and provide a voice for the family business community.

As the peak body for Family Business in Australia FBA represents the interest of family businesses by engaging key stakeholders, raising the profile of the sector and the awareness of the unique challenges our community faces.

Recent Submissions
Family Business Senate Enquiry

The Australian Government held a Senate enquiry into Family Business in 2012 and FBA made a submission to that Enquiry, and appeared before it. The Senate Committee’s report was made available in March 2013.

The Government’s response to the Report was published in 2014, and FBA has been involved in discussions with Treasury, who have carriage of its implementation.

Small Business Tax Review

FBA’s submission to the Review, in conjunction with our partners KPMG.

Division 7A Tax Review

FBA’s submission to the Review, in conjunction with our partners KPMG.

ACCC Competition Policy Review

FBA lodged a short comment to the Competition Policy Review.

Federal Government Partners
Small Business Minister

The Australian Small Business Minister is the Honourable Bruce Billson, member for Dunkley. While many of our businesses are by no means small, the Minister has a wide and deep understanding of family business, having owned a family business himself.

Australian Small Business Commissioner

The current Small Business Commissioner is Mark Brennan. Family Business Australia’s particular relationships are through Craig Latham, Deputy Commissioner and Amelia Watman, Manager. The Commission runs a series of events for small business and hosts some valuable resources on their website, including information about access to Australian government programs, and resources specifically available for family business. The Commission sends a useful newsletter which businesses your can subscribe to here.

In response to the Senate Enquiry into Family Business, the Commissioner’s role has been widened to Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, with the legislation for that change pending.

Small Business Ministerial Advisory Council

The Minister has established a Small Business Ministerial Advisory Council, which is a key source of advice for the Minister for Small Business on matters of regulation reform related to small business, and on small business consumer and competition policy issues more generally. FBA’s CEO has been invited to sit on that Council.


Australian Consumer and Competition Commission.
Deputy Commissioner Dr Michael Schaper has particular responsibility for small business at the Commission, and is always interested in any issues FBA raises on behalf of members. The ACCC has a helpful website, and a range of Youtube clips which explain matters of interest to family business.


The Australian Securities and Investment Commission.
FBA is represented on the ASIC Business Advisory Council by the CEO, and contributes on areas of concern to family businesses. ASIC has a comprehensive website with tips for business in relevant areas such has registration of business names and legal obligations of business.


The Australian Tax Office.
The Tax Office is currently Reinventing the  ATO  with new products and services, a drive for productivity improvement, and an openness and willingness to change. Deputy and Assistant Tax Commissioners have visited FBA, and are keen to let our sector know about this approach. The ATO web site has helpful tips and contact details for businesses.

Aus Industry

Aus Industry is tasked with helping businesses be more successful, and has a range of evens and resources for this purpose. Details are on their website.


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