Empowering Your Family Business: Let’s Start Talking

FBA’s Conversation Series offers families in business the opportunity to spend five mornings across the year, engaging in guided conversation on topics which are typical but important to families in business. A 2 ½ hour breakfast and conversation (7:30am-10:00am) which begins with a brief introduction by our expert “conversationalists” to the topic, and then a facilitated discussion amongst the group. Places are limited in order to preserve the depth of the conversation so make sure you book today!

Members $75 per session / $300 for the whole series (one session for free)
Non Members $150 per session / $500 for the whole series 
*Open to families in business and advisers bringing a family business client.

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TOPIC 1: How successful multigenerational families work on aligning the interests of the family and the business 

Two of the normal and predictable tension points of having multiple generations in a family business relate achieving alignment in relation to: the business’ strategic direction; and the shareholders’ appetite to take on new and/or additional risks. These tensions are being exacerbated by the current pace of change in markets and business models, the entry of new competitors, and profit margins continually coming under pressure. The need for alignment around strategy and risk have never been this important, particularly if family businesses are to continue to compete and grow.

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TOPIC 3: Effective communication and the power of challenging conversations

One of the key and recurring themes from Australia’s longest running survey of family businesses relates to the need for more effective communication in not only building high performing teams in our business, balancing the needs of the family and the business, obtaining alignment on the business strategy and how family members can participate and be recognised. In order to achieve this, leaders need to be able to have effective and constructive conversations which are, more often than not, uncomfortable and have far reaching consequences in the business and at home. This session will explore tools to enable you to have more constructive conversations.

15 Feb (QLD) 7 Feb (NSW)
8 Feb (VIC) 12 Feb (SA) 20 Feb (WA)


TOPIC 5: Boards in the family business: What’s in it for us?

Our final conversation in the series will focus on how successful family businesses create, use and revitalise their boards to ensure they continually act in the best interest of the business, build capability in their organisations and add real shareholder value.

13 June (QLD) 20 June (NSW)
  20 June (VIC) 6 June (SA) 20 June (WA)
TOPIC 2: Effective philanthropy and family business – aligning business, family, staff, customers and community 

Following on from a recent series of round table discussions with family business CEO’s and founders on the topic of aligning philanthropic and business objectives, this session will share the findings of these sessions, provide some ‘food for thought’ and prompt some active conversation around this often misunderstood yet potentially powerful way to engage, educate and empower family, business, community and other stakeholders.

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TOPIC 4: Dealing with Disruption

Almost everybody talks about Disruption today. Disrupt yourself or you will be disrupted is a popular mantra. Whilst most likely not everything gets disrupted, almost every industry, business and individual is being impacted by the digital technologies. Getting a good understanding about potential impacts starts on the individual level. The conversation addresses the question how to get to High Performance in the Digital Age – on an individual level. This is the foundation for high performing teams and businesses.

19 Apr (QLD) 10 Apr (NSW)
17 Apr (VIC) 11 Apr (SA) 11 Apr (WA)