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Tipping Points
It’s all in the timing

Business – and life – is full of tipping points! Change is always on the horizon. What lies ahead? What do you and your family need to do to prepare for the future?

Delegates who joined us on beautiful Hamilton Island for our 3-day conference program heard from experts and other family businesses who inspired them with new ideas to implement back in to theirfamily business.

Keynote Speakers

Dr Thomas Schwarz is the Founder of Black Forest Business Solutions based in Arizona, USA.

The Science of Family Business
Leading a family business is a complex job … that’s why historically nearly 70% fail to make it past the first generation.  This complexity, though, is becoming better understood as family business scientists from all over the world examine the causes and relationships operating within family businesses.  What can you and your family learn from this body of knowledge? 

Tapping into the global body of academic research, Tom outlined the Top 10 scientific discoveries about family businesses and illustrated how they have made a difference within the practice of family enterprise.

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Bernard Salt AM is regarded as one of Australia’s leading social commentators.

Steering family businesses to future prosperity

Australia is in transition to a post industrial economy.  Digital disruption combined with powerful demographic shifts are reshaping the business landscape.  What is required is a vision for the future and a bold plan to get there.  Bernard’s presentation  helped formulate ideas about how steer your family business to future prosperity.

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Chris Adams is the Founder of Orbit Media Group. He has had a career in a variety of diverse industries and has become a major voice on digital disruption, innovation and engagement.

Disruption Debunked
Disruption is such a hot topic that it’s gone from a noun to outright jargon.  But what does it really mean?  Chris Adams has spent his career in disruptive environments and believes that disruption is not just for start-ups.  It’s part of life.  Chris shared stories and insights from the front line of disruption, shedding the hype and getting to the relevance.

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Family Business Masterclass

International Presenters: Joost Minnaar and Pim de Moree, Founders and Owners, Corporate Rebels

Joost Minnaar and Pim de Morree are on a mission to make work more fun! Two years into their corporate jobs, when they became frustrated with the way their organisations were run. Like 87% of employees, they were disengaged! These “Corporate Rebels” now meet with the world’s most progressive organisations – including many family businesses – to learn how they create environments that fully unleash the potential of employees.Pim and Joost joined us from the Netherlands shared the most important lessons they have learned from travelling the world and learning from over 50 successful workplace pioneers.

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Adviser Masterclass

International Presenter: Dr Thomas Schwarz

Tom shared research and insights into working with Family Businesses, and explore the notion of a Trusted Adviser. Join your fellow advisers at this Masterclass designed as a forum to consider new ideas and debate best practice in Family Business Advising.

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