Date posted: May 29, 2018

Name: Anna Cesarano
Company: Doltone House

What generation is your family business?

What is your role in the family business?

What/ who is a major influence for you in the family business?
Continuing my late father’s legacy.  He passed away in 2008.  He was inspirational in shaping my values and work ethic.  He has been the driver and motivation for our growth.

What keeps you up at night?
I often think about the ‘what ifs’. I am often thinking about a foreseeable issue, most of the time a solution or even the next innovative idea for growth.  I am a detailed oriented person, a thinker, so my mind keeps ticking.

What’s the key benefit of your FBA membership?
I have had the pleasure of being part of the Mentor/Mentee programme.  As a mentor, I offered guidance and leadership from a 2nd generation family member to a 4th generation family member in another family business.  This was personally extremely rewarding.

We have also had the pleasure of hosting some of the FBA conferences in our collection of venues. There have been some wonderful key learnings at these conferences and great relationships that have emanated from our participation, whether it be as a delegate, speaker or host. They have also allowed for some great conversations and access to Advisors that have gone on to provide areas of support within the business.

I have had the privilege to be a NSW FBA Committee Member and provided a personal contribution of ideas that have integrated through FBA and their channels. I was chosen to be a part of the Family Business Australia National Day campaign in Sept 2016 where I represented FBA on the Peter Switzer programme.

Certainly a highlight, when our family business was the inaugural inductee into FBA NSW Hall of Fame.  This was a great benefit indeed, as it acknowledged our contribution amongst other like- minded individuals that are a part of their very own family businesses, and the wider community supporting ‘family owned.’

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