Date posted: February 14, 2018

With January over in the blink of an eye and the Christmas holidays now just a distant memory, there’s officially no more excuses for settling right back into work mode. February is a great time to start putting some plans into action and begin preparing your business for 2018. While HR might not be at the top of your priorities, tackling some of these issues early on will help save your business a lot of hassle and money in the future.

HR Audit
There were numerous changes to employment law last year and so a complete HR audit might be a good idea. Review documents and look at the wording in employee contracts to make sure everything is up-to-date, accurate and compliant. Remember to speak with the employee first if you want to make any changes.

Review Record Keeping
One of the major introductions into workplace relations law in 2017 was the Federal Government’s reforms to protect vulnerable workers. The consequences of breaching the obligations of keeping employee time and wage records for seven years has doubled and this acts as a good reminder to
review your business’s record keeping habits and processes.

Having up-to-date policies and procedures such as a code of conduct or a social media policy is all well and good but do your staff know where and when to access them? More importantly, do they know how to comply with them? The beginning of the year is the perfect time to conduct your annual training or refresher courses to ensure staff are well aware of all the relevant policies and procedures for the workplace.

Employee Inductions
If you’re planning to recruit new staff members in 2018, it might be useful to review or develop your induction process. Inductions are an important step for new employees to learn everything they can about the workplace and culture.

Getting your HR issues resolved early on will help to start your year off on the right foot and ensure success for your business throughout 2018.

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