Date posted: May 4, 2016

My first week in as the new State Manager for South Australia included a state committee meeting and the Family Business Essentials course held at new partner premises, Fisher Jeffries. What a great way to start a new role, a steep learning curve but a great foundation to continue to build the organisation.

The SA committee is committed to ensuring the provision of up to date and relevant professional development for all family businesses, ensuring ample networking events and that the state chapter provides support and advice through our accredited advisers, advisers and academic members.

The Essentials workshop was an ideal way for me to gain a better understanding of the basics of family business. The participants were engaging and open in their communication with the group which was facilitated by SA Accredited Adviser member Lowen Partridge from Peartree Brand Management.  I gained a great deal of insight into the “basics” of family business and documented the “take home” key points from the group as:

  • The Three Circle Model – if you don’t know it, please get in contact with me – you will be glad you did
  • Communication is the key in any family business
  • Developing social intelligence
  • Developing a family Constitution / Council
  • Next Generation know who the next customer base will be and emerging trends

I have also I met with some of the sponsors and partners for FBA SA including Communikate et al , Fisher Jeffries, KPMG and Catapult Wealth – I would encourage you to support these partners when looking for external advice. They support your local FBA branch and know family business.

This month we focus on KPMG – as a National Supporter  they will be hosting Family Business Strategy workshop  June 7 more details here

  • KPMG has been a long term, committed sponsor of FBA in SA and nationally. They work with FBA and the University of Adelaide to publish the annual Family Business Survey
  • KPMG is recognised globally, nationally and locally as experienced thought leaders in family business. Their Enterprise Group has been working with family businesses for over 100 years and have developed a deep understanding of the dynamics of family enterprise
  • KPMG has a Global Centre of Excellence in Family Business and a significant library of materials and resources
  • KPMG has two Accredited Advisers in its SA office, with significant experience in working with family businesses. As well as advisory, accounting, audit, tax and legal expertise, KPMG assists family businesses with critical issues such as governance, Family Councils, Family Constitutions, Family Offices, strategic and business plans, planning management, succession planning, the preservation of intergenerational wealth and a variety stakeholder agreements

Other supporters may be contacted as follows: –

Communikate et al – Call Melissa McCaig 08 8331 1444
Fisher Jeffries – Call Dan Marks 08 8233 0638
KPMG – Call Ashley Miller 08 8236 3316 or Judy Choate 08 8236 3373
Catapult Wealth – Call Tony Catt (An accredited FBA Adviser) 08 8172 9111

There are others I am yet to meet and look forward to doing so in the next few weeks and they include Statewide Super, Bowden Group.

South Australia has the State Conference coming up on Friday May 27th.

The theme is Funding the Families Future and includes an array of speakers that will provide up to date economic and financial trends.  Join your peers in gaining an understanding of key trends in the economy and how it will impact family business over the next twelve months, find out about options to minimize financial risk and maxmise retirement lifestyle outcomes ( no matter your age!). Make sure you register here.

On June 7 we are holding the Developing your Family Business Strategy course at KPMG  – please join us to gain insight into the process of gathering critical information, thinking about it strategically, discussing with key stakeholders and reaching conclusions that become the basis for family and business direction. Click here for more information and to register.

The remaining 2016 -2017 professional development calendar of events is currently being organised and I’d ask you to call me direct to discuss this and other activities for South Australia.

Yvonne McClaren
SA/ NT Manager