Date posted: November 9, 2016

The 2017 Forum year kicks off in February, and now is the perfect time to explore whether there is a group that can help you develop yourself professionally, and in doing so, help your business to grow.

A Forum group is a confidential place where you and 10 other family business leaders meet 10 times a year and share experiences and ask for peer-to-peer advice on things that affect you, your family and your business.

Research has shown that for many individuals, leading and managing the family business is similar to a calling because the task has a profound meaning and reward that extends far beyond the material gains. ‘Developing positivity’ or identifying and nurturing a leader’s strongest qualities or what they are best at, prepares them to successfully lead their businesses and this is where the forum group can play an important role. As reflected by one participant:

“The group has guided me through situations that I would normally handle myself and the way I think is best – which is certainly not always right – the group has provided their views and in many cases shown me a better and more effective way to achieve a result, which results in my team being happier overall” – Jack Gregson, Director, Gregsons Auctioneers & Valuers

As the only professionally facilitated, executive discussion group for family business leaders, executives and CEOs in Australia the forum group program provides participants with a professional and confidential platform to identify key opportunities and address any challenges that face their family business.

It takes time to make sure we get the right fit for you in a forum group. Through this confidential process, you let us know what you are looking for from a forum group and what you feel you could contribute. We then arrange a meeting between you and a forum facilitator, to further explore what you want to get out of the group, and to start to determine if there might be a fit. Then you have the opportunity to meet with the group and decide whether you feel there is a good fit, and what you think you might gain from working with the other group members.
Up until this point, there is absolutely no obligation to join.

Your forum group will enable you to:

  • Learn about succession planning, business plans and family integration from your peers
  • Develop growth strategies and share commercial experience across a variety of industries
  • Work through family business dynamics
  • Access the support and knowledge of professional facilitators with experience in organisational behaviour, psychology, business leadership, mentoring and family businesses

Here’s what current forum group participants say about their forum group:

My personal benefit from my FBA forum group is two fold, receiving and giving.
I can receive feedback from the group about things that I can’t talk to my work colleagues or family about. I have had a particular issue that I had made a decision on the way forward but when I put it out to the group, I realized it could be solved in a far better way – and it was.
The other benefit I get personally is from giving my advice to others. This is a rewarding experience and helps with my personal development.” – Roz Shaw, CEO, Moreton Island Adventures

Joining a Family Business Forum group has really helped my confidence in presenting to a board and has given me great insights on best practice from other industries. I have made friends, that I can talk openly about business and strategies moving forward. The benefits of joining a forum group far out way the annual cost. It is a highlight of my month” – Mark Wymond, Sales Director, Eyes Right Optical

I have been an FBA Forum member for more than eight years now and find the meetings consistently inspiring, educational and sometimes therapeutic! It is always amazing how many other family businesses in completely different industries have similar challenges to us, whether they be very large or smaller businesses. I love the fact that one can be quite open in the sessions knowing there is complete confidentiality, This is in effect a “private club” that gives me frequent access to some of the best brains in family business” – Peter Levi, Colorific