Date posted: June 17, 2016

This month it is my pleasure to let you know about some new relationships that we have built with members in NSW that I trust will be of much benefit to you the wider membership as a whole.  As I discuss with all our partners, business relationships take time – persistence and patience is required.  In my experience, people do business with people rather than organisations and it is important to allow time for those relationships to develop.

HLB Mann Judd has recently run a 6-part “Family Business Evolution” program, where groups of family businesses have come together monthly to explore various stages of growth.  The sessions were facilitated by HLB Mann Judd Sydney partners and directors from a range of divisions, including Business Advisory, Tax Consulting, Wealth Management, Business Recovery, Audit and Corporate Advisory. 

The program was very well received by those in attendance and is being offered again (in a reduced time frame of four sessions) commencing in July. The program will also be available in other HLB offices.  FBA Members are invited to attend at half price of $1,475 (plus GST) per business (irrespective of the number of family members attending).  Further information on the Sydney program is available from James Croll on 9020 4087 or or click here to view their program.  Please check the HLB Mann Judd website for information on programs in other states.

PPB Advisory ran a condensed program half-day program for members that include guest industry experts discussing such points as: optimal budgeting and financial reporting procedures; scoring the management team; managing banking relationships; finance structures available; fraud risk detection and prevention; performance improvement identification and implementation; director duties and exit options.  With these discussion points, it is not surprising that the session was called “Keeping the Wolf from the Door” – and it was a great success!

Know My Life is a film production company that makes great family tribute films, both for the here and now and the hereafter.  They have partnered with FBA for the Show & Tell program – you can see and hear about one of our member’s businesses while talking to Know My Life about recording your own family history.  Click here to see images of our first collaboration at Complete Office Supplies last month.  

GSA is a new breed of Insurance Brokers who have become NSW and ACT partners.  They think insurance should do more than just cover you for loss – it should help your business prosper and grow, and so we look forward to getting to know their staff at many of the local and national events.  Apart from being top people individually, GSA has a wonderful heritage office site at The Rocks with some unique art collections as part of their day-to-day office environment – you can do a virtual tour if you like and please make sure to introduce yourselves to them when you see them.

Now about our State Summit!  We are pleased to advise that the NSW State Summit – “success never sleeps” was indeed a success!  We had some great feedback and positive comments from delegates and sponsors; even with the ‘not-so-many negative ones, we will learn from them and make this event even a better one next year’.  

We’d like to congratulate all the speakers who delivered great content, humour and inspiration.  We’d like to thank all those outside FBA; members who provided a helping hand (teamwork is also the key to success!).

Thanks to those partners who contributed to the event and to Kirribilli Club who gave great and friendly service – not to mention the lovely harbour views.

Thank you to our ‘longest lunch partner’, Know My Life who has delivered once again – great photos and videos.  Now for the fun part – see if you can find yourself in the following links…

For summit videos click here

For interviews click here

For photographs click here

Until my return early July, Lorena (0439 618 298) and head office (1800 249 357) are here to support the NSW office.  Contact them for further assistance or if you wish to attend our upcoming events:

5 July – Show & Tell site visit at Kennards Hire Artarmon

14 July – Women in Family Business with Josephine Sukkar of Buildcorp 

Best regards,

Wendy Foster
NSW ACT Manager