Date posted: June 16, 2017

No one likes to work 9-5 if they are feeling unwell. Yet many small businesses do not have work health and wellness policies and procedures in place. These policies and procedures can increase productivity and help ensure that your employees are performing to the best of their abilities.

The benefits of work health and wellness policies and procedures are:

  • Sick leave and absenteeism decrease by 25%
  • Health costs decrease by 24%
  • Workers compensation and disability claims decrease by 32%
  • Employee risk factors decrease by 56%
  • The cost of reduced performance can be up to seven times the cost of absenteeism

Safe Work Australia

Employees that come into work when they are sick risk spreading infection to their colleagues and are generally less productive than usual. This could affect future projects and lead to underperformance.

Ensure that your employees understand the importance of following health and wellbeing programs. Encourage workers to stay away if they are feeling unwell – working from home could be a great option for those that feel well enough to work but not well enough to be in the office. Giving staff flexibility with sick leave will lead to a happier – and healthier- workplace. 

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