Date posted: March 8, 2016

Get a better understanding of FBT. Come to the ATO’s free webinar.

Some businesses pay their employees a combination of cash and other benefits (such as private use of a car that is owned or leased by the business).

If you pay your employees non-cash benefits (known as fringe benefits), you need to register for and pay Fringe benefits tax (FBT).
FBT can be tricky so if you’re unclear about what you need to do or what your responsibilities are join the ATO’s free webinar on Tuesday, 22 March at 2pm.

Topics covered will include:

  • how fringe benefits must be reported
  • how to lodge your FBT return
  • how to calculate and pay your FBT
  • recent changes to FBT rules

If you prepare your own FBT return it’s almost time to lodge. Come along to this free webinar and get your questions answered.

If you’d like to register for the free webinar, click here.