Date posted: May 6, 2015

Innovation, Inspiration and Insights for Family Business Success

There is a common myth that family businesses tend not to innovate, are risk averse and poorly managed.  This year’s WA State Conference on Thursday 4 June will bring to the fore pioneering examples of how wrong this myth is, and demonstrate how family businesses of all kinds develop unique ways of staying ahead of the game, to build a strong legacy for future generations.

For many and various reasons, sometimes family business owners become reluctant to take risks and enter a wealth preservation mode rather than seeking to build on their business and innovate.  This conference will look at how families can remain innovative, while ensuring that they don’t ‘bet the farm’ and risk having nothing to pass on to future generations.

Tim Wise from Wise Business will share the importance of storytelling and how it can be used to engage and influence behaviours that drive sustainable business practices and ensure future success. Tim assisted The Tap Doctor  to become the most successful and largest plumbing maintenance franchise business in Australia. Click below to hear an introduction to Tim Wise’s insights on storytelling:

Tim Wise

The State Conference will provide a valuable opportunity to work on your family business strategy and connect with like-minded family business operators and their advisers.

View the full conference program to see how we will share insights on innovation, leadership, wealth creation, philanthropy, succession and estate planning.

Don’t miss this opportunity to leverage the competitive advantages inherent in being a family in business and take home a list of ideas and tangible practices that will strengthen the drive and direction of your family business.

Contact me on 0458 055 980 to arrange your registration over the phone.

Lorraine Willis
State Manager – WA
Ph: 0458 055 980