Date posted: August 7, 2017

Hi to all,

Greg has finalised and presented the Strategic Plan and Greg and the FBA office and are now working hard to implement the objectives, working towards the Mission: “FBA works strategically with all Family Business stakeholders to lead the delivery of unique and innovative services, creating professional pathways and connecting the family business community”.  This will be done with the commitment of fostering the FBA values of Passion, Professionalism, Sense of Community, Leadership and being Innovative.

It’s very exciting to see the Emblem Campaign being announced.  This is a great initiative to showcase family business and our members who are a major part of small business in Australia.

There is also a major initiative to be rolled out with the Advisor Platform, which will allow members to get access to accredited and trusted advisors in our family business community.

Our 2017/18 budget has been finalised and accepted by the board and with all our initiatives and targets set we should achieve a comfortable surplus.

Registrations for the FBA National Conference are still open.  Don’t miss out.

See you there.

Sara Pantaleo

State Chair, VIC