Date posted: December 1, 2016

Here are some tips to help you and your management team safely navigate through the festive season.

Prior to having the Christmas Party:

• Check that your Code of Conduct Policy refers to expected conduct at social functions.
• Make sure you have human resource policies that address issues which may occur at a social event.
• Remind everyone of the standard of conduct expected from employees whilst attending the event, directing them to relevant policies.
• Have a definite start and finish time and advise employees that any socializing after the finish time is completely separate to the event.
• Check that your insurance covers social events.
• Ensure that any alcohol provided is served responsibly.
• Ensure that there is an adequate supply of food and non-alcoholic drinks available.
• Remind employees to drink responsibly.
• Make arrangements to help employees get home after the event, such as cab fares or organising a bus.
• Advise employees that they must not drive from the event if they are under the influence of alcohol.

To help you manage leave over the festive season:

• Ensure you have a clear policy in place stating exactly what happens over the holiday period. This should include when leave can be taken and how many people can take leave at the same time.
• If you close over the holiday period, make sure your employees are aware of this ahead of time. Ensure all dates are clearly communicated and everyone is aware of how much annual leave will be used
• Make sure you understand the Christmas public holidays this festive season. They are
o Christmas Day – 25 December
o Boxing Day – 26 December
o Additional Day for Christmas Day – 27 December
o New Year’s Day – 1 January
o Additional Day for New Year’s Day – 2 January

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