Date posted: April 12, 2018

Name: Celina Pereira
Company Name: Sunshine Meats
Industry: Food Processing

What generation is your family business?
2nd Generation

What is your role in the family business?
General Management

What/ who is a major influence for you in the family business?
Our consumers drive us to continually strive for greatness. When we hand craft our everyday products or new lines we focus on maximising; quality, convenience, accessibility and versatility. My father has adopted a culture that our customers’ needs are our priority which filters through to our staff whom have the same passion.

What keeps you up at night?
Constant market changes. The food industry in my opinion is one of the most competitive and rapidly changing markets. Everyone needs to eat!

Why did you choose to join FBA?
So many of our customers, suppliers and neighbouring businesses are members of FBA. After raving reviews it was a no-brainer!