Date posted: June 1, 2015

A big thank you to our panel who participated in ‘The Great Debate” on May 13 at the Hackney Hotel. Facilitated by Tony Catt from Catapult Wealth, two teams debated the need for family members to work in the business to be eligible for ownership. The affirmative team consisted of  Corrina Wright, Oliver’s Taranga and Craig Willson, Bremerton Wines. The opposing team was Kent Aughey, Ashington and Toby Bensimon, Transworld Enterprises.  As with many family business issues, the discussion demonstrated that there are differing perspectives on many aspects of family business. A key take home message was that no matter the topic or issue that may need addressing, conversations should occur early including all members of the family so that expectations are clear.

After the session there was plenty of networking in a lovely atmosphere with great food and wine.

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