Date posted: July 6, 2016

Welcome… Winter has well and truly arrived with welcoming rains and cold chilly nights that drives us all inside in front of the fire. This is my first blog post as the new Chair for the SA Chapter and we, the committee and Yvonne have been busy working on the FBA profile here in SA , looking at ways of keeping FBA fresh and relevant to new and existing members.  The State conference in May was a great success thanks to the work of Diana, Jill and Yvonne. We have several events lined up and also we are working with our Advisors to develop greater relationships with our members. 

I attended a “Round table meeting” for SMEs  with the Minister for Small Business, Martin Hamilton- Smith, this meeting highlighted the opportunities for business in SA that are developing and how SMEs can access these opportunities. The emphasis at the meeting was on the great opportunity for  small business in SA to be able to access the new Defence contracts and the grants are there to support small business develop their business to meet the needs of the defence industry. 

The launch of the Small Business Development Fund for Northern Adelaide was also discussed. I have been advised by Hon Martin Hamilton-Smith, the Minister for Small Business that small businesses based in the local government areas of Playford, Salisbury and Port Adelaide Enfield can now access a $10m fund to grow their businesses and create sustainable jobs.

Part of the Northern Economic Plan, the Small Business Development Fund provides financial support through two dedicated grant programs:

  • Start-Up Business Grants – a total of $4m in grants over three years, worth up to $20,000 each, available to assist entrepreneurship and establishing new businesses.
  • Business Expansion Grants – a total of $6m in grants over three years, worth between $10,000 and $100,000, available to support activities that grow established small businesses in northern Adelaide.

I have been a FBA member with my husband Scott for six years and I have been part of the South Australian committee for four years . I have found FBA to be a valuable organisation for our business both for the information sharing and networking it has provided.  As the new Chair I have great support from the state committee who’s focus over the coming year will be on raising the profile of family business advisors, forums and the next generation.

As a member of FBA it is has offered Scott and me the opportunity to meet and interact with a range of Family business advisors in a relaxed environment that allows you to  know who you are engaging or dealing with prior to needing their services. We have found this to be incredibly valuable and we have successfully employed several to support our business.  Knowing they have had extensive training in working with family business dynamics gives you peace of mind when working with them.  The forum groups offer an excellent opportunity for family members to raise sensitive issues in a secure environment with like-minded members and find the solutions and support that can often be hard to find on our own, I know that many of the groups have formed good friendships over the years.  

The Next Gens group has many members who have a wealth of business knowledge and experience but also understand the dynamics of being the next in line and provide that outlet for discussion and opportunities you may not find elsewhere. We believe these are the 3 key areas that make your membership worthwhile and we the committee will continue to work with Yvonne to make sure they remain relevant and worthwhile to the greater Family business membership.  If you would like to talk more about forum participation, next gen or joining FBA please don’t hesitate to contact me directly or our State Manager Yvonne McClaren.

Debbie Reed / Resource Furniture  
South Australian Branch