Date posted: March 2, 2015

The year is off to a flying start with most people well and truly back to business with only the memories of holidays long past!

The same can be said for FBA, in the year ahead we will see several exciting new initiatives. The website has had a significant upgrade, the webinar series have been launched with more to follow, and our education programs have been refreshed. A new series of events are underway here in SA as well as an exciting change to our annual Hall of Fame Dinner.

Rather than in July, your state committee has decided to merge the Hall of Fame Dinner with our end of year event to be held in November, so that we can create a wonderful evening of celebration, not just to reflect on another year but most importantly to celebrate family business across the state, with the accolades flowing to those few selected to become Hall of Fame inductees!

 I also take this opportunity of welcoming four new people on to the committee; Corrina Wright from Oliver’s Taranga Vineyards, Dougal Hislop from Shelving & Racking, Mary Mercuri from Ennio International and Andrea Michaels from NDA Legal. These four people join me together with Alister Haigh, Phil Sims, Debbie Read, Lowen Partridge, Jill Thomas and Tegan Webb, all volunteering their time and experience to support and grow FBA.

Finally, as this will be my last year as the SA State Chairman, I look forward to making it a year of achievement for all our members and the many supporters of family business in this state.

Best regards,

Kent Aughey