Date posted: March 9, 2017

Having clear reporting procedures for safety hazards and risks within your workplace is vital. All employees should be aware of how to report safety risks and what their rights and responsibilities are. Here are some tips on how to handle reporting safety risks:

  • Have a clear process that outlines how safety risks must be reported. This should include a clear line of responsibility for each employee, e.g. a casual worker must immediately report any safety hazard to their supervisor.
  • Ensure that all employees understand how to report the safety risk and, if there are any forms that need to be filled out, how to do so.
  • All employees must receive training that explains the different types of safety risks in their workplace and how to deal with them.
  • Have clear policies in place that outline exactly how to deal with safety hazards and risks. Make sure that all employees have read this document and understand the implications of not reporting a safety risk.

It can be seen as ‘too difficult’ to report a safety hazard, especially if an employee views it as a minor risk. However, a minor risk can have serious consequences if another employee trips and falls, or is impacted by the unreported hazard. Keep a record of the safety training that each employee has received and make sure that everyone in your workplace is up to date.

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