Find presentations and valuable information available from past National Conferences.

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2017 National Conference

Adviser Masterclass – Thomas Schwarz
Family Business Masterclass – Corporate Rebels
Thomas Schwarz – Opening Our Minds
Thomas Schwarz – The Science of Family Business
Bernard Salt – Steering Family Businesses to Future Prosperity
All Aboard – Vision and Values
What about me – family not in the business
Shareholders In Waiting – the Winson Group
Marrying into the family business
Chris Adams – Disruption Debunked
Brad Scott – Washing Away the Wealth
Dominic Pelligana – Successfully Leading Change


2015 National Conference

The Family Legacy, Dr Lee Hausner
Invigorating Family Meetings, Harry Kras
Australian Small Business Commissioner, Mark Brennan
Darrell Lea The Rebirth of a Legend, Daniel Walley and Klark Quinn
Smart Branding, Ben Lazzaro
Building Communication and Continuity, Corentin Billiet
Letting Go – Exploring Leadership Transition, Lucio Dana
Street Smart, Brad Smith
A Wee Dram of Entrepreneurial Spirit, Kirsten Grant Meikle
Economic Update, Darryl Gobbett
High Performing Boards in Family Business: The importance of Culture, Peter L. O’Brien and Aimee Williamson
Preparing for Private Equity, Yasser El-Ansary
To Give or Not To Give, David Ward and James and John Goodman
Australia’s Competition and Consumer Laws – what they mean for your clients, Richard Weksler
Expanding into Asia, Mukund Narayanamurti
Cahoots Video – SCT Logistics: Peter Smith – Founder & son, Geoff Smith – CEO/MD 
Cahoots Video – Herzog Steel: Helene Herzog – Founder with husband Andre (dec.)
Cahoots Video – Eyes Right Optical: David & Gaye Wymond – Founders

2014 National Conference

The Importance of Listening
Technology Change in the 21st Century
From Fierce Competitors to Co-Owners
Governance in Family Enterprises
Planning: The Family & The Business
Technology and The Family Business
Enabled Innovation Process
Using Your Success To Create Social Change

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2013 National Conference

The Challenges of Family Teams
Family Business: A Model For The Future
Fireworks: Learning Strategies To Cope
Capital Origins of Trust, Pride, Talent
Relationships Leadership
Joint MDs and CEOs:Can It Work?
Bridging The Generation Gap
Protecting Your Business From Fraud
Developing A Family Charter
The Whitbread Group Journey

2012 National Conference

Brand & Delivery
From Vision to Self-Sustainability
The Impact of Mobile Technology On Our Lives
The Power of Pitching
The Willow Ware Journey

2011 National Conference

 Consumers, Cartels and Competitions
Emotions and Families In Business
Family Philanthropy and Its Effects
Government Targets Families In Business
Next Generation Leadership
Resolving Your Rubik’s Cube
Social Wealth Creation
Succession Planning & Family Illness
Sustainable Governance
The Non-Family Leader
Three Contrasting Succession Models
Three Lessons On Innovation
The Fourth Generation and Beyond
Tricks and Traps of Media or Public Liaison

2010 National Conference

 Ashington: A Family Office
Case Study: Sustainably Tasty
Case Study: A Family in Business
Do I Need A Family Office?
Generation Y, Because We Love You
The Role of Entrepreneurship in Success


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