Date posted: October 20, 2017

The National Conference had a vibrant feel to it this year at Hamilton Island. It was my first time to Hamilton Island but my 9th National Conference that I’ve attended.  It’s the first one that my mother hasn’t attended with me since we sold our Family Business, DIAL-AN-ANGEL in 2014. It was so lovely to meet many members, some whom I’ve known for years and others that I had just met. It was fabulous to get to know our members better.

I was so keen to meet those first generation founders of Family Businesses to understand why they love being in a forum group. I am passionate about forum groups and anyone who spoke with me would have gauged that.  The feedback confirmed that the first-genners impart wisdom and life skills to the younger generation but on the flip side, they said they have learnt so much from the younger members of the group, how they think and act which has helped them  in their own businesses. 

We celebrated the NSW / ACT Hall of Fame and National Family Business Day on 18th and 19th September. It was a wonderful evening celebrating two fine businesses ACTRON AIR and KING LIVING. Thank you to Philip Pryor for facilitating and to Angus Raine for his key note speech. On the Tuesday, I was requested to speak on behalf of FBA in the media (for ABC Radio National). They gave me 15+ minutes of airtime which was great.

 There are a number of events and educational sessions coming up towards the end of the year. No doubt you are all aware that our lovely State Manager Wendy Foster will be transitioning to retirement shortly but will still be remaining as part of FBA in a different role with reduced hours.  We will miss her support and friendship. No doubt we will see her regularly at events in the future.

Until next time,  Warm regards Danielle, NSW / ACT State Chair”