Date posted: March 9, 2017

Hello to everyone,

Well, we’ve hit the ground running for the beginning of 2017. The new NSW / ACT committee has met twice and sub-committees have been formed. Those sub-committees have met and are planning the year ahead. Having a committee of 15 means we can spread the load. We are all busy running our own businesses so it does help having the extra man / woman power. I for one, really appreciate having that help.

I attended my first national board meeting in Melbourne (in February) and met the new National Chairman, Mark Kagan as well as all other State Chairs. We are a very focused and energetic team. Greg Griffith presented his initial Strategic Plan outlining a number of exciting changes to come within our sector, our membership, education and events. Greg will be presenting the plan to all state committees in the coming months for input and feedback. It’s great to have a CEO who is interested in hearing from the members and committees and actioning change.

I’ve attended a few key events such as the Family Business Insider event at the Bright Print Group. An amazing family business with a wonderful future ahead. I attended the Family Business Essentials course, the Forum Group Information Session and an Adviser Connect Breakfast. I’ve met some wonderful new people who are considering becoming members, some people who are new members and others who have been members for a while. It’s been fabulous for me to reconnect with some other lovely members whom I’ve known for years. It’s great to have feedback from everyone as to what they like about FBA. There are plenty events planned for the coming year.  Consider getting involved – even if it’s only occasionally. Family businesses are renowned for supporting each other, collaborating with each other and having fun together. I am thrilled to be a part of this association and know that the changes occurring are going to improve our businesses, our families and our own lives.

See you soon. 

Warm regards,

Danielle Robertson
NSW and ACT Chairman