Date posted: January 21, 2015

After having spent years in the northern hemisphere where Christmas was simply a one or two day break and a glass was raised for New Year before returning to work – I appreciate having a reasonable wind-up and pause from my working life. Lots of time with family, far too much excellent food and drink, and sunburned shoulders from working in the garden gives me time to reflect and prepare.

Our busy lives have eliminated a vital component from our diets – that of pondering. Like fire-gazing, pondering allows me to view the year just gone, learn from my mistakes and look for the things that were successful. I think it’s like creating a fire plan on a rainy day – without a requirement for immediate decisions or the pressure to perform the plan is ultimately more considered and effective.

And so I have returned to FBA excited about building on the successes for family business and gathering momentum. But vigorous activity is pointless without purpose and direction so what I need is your input. Please drop me an email or give me a call and let me know any resources, contacts, or cunning ideas you have that would increase the value of your relationship with FBA and, ultimately, the long-term success of your family business.

Over 2014 I’ve had many terrific conversations and I know for certain the FBA group is not backward in coming forward. So I extend an open invitation to start 2015 with a boisterous all-in robust conversation about making 2015 the best year ever (add in trifle and that sounds like my family Christmas lunch!)

Warm regards,

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