Date posted: August 7, 2017

Hi all,


8 months through the year and in the depths of winter! I may be showing my Sydney roots – but it is freezing in Melbourne at the moment, I am looking forward to getting up to Hamilton Island! Apart from the learning, networking and fun – there’ll be sun. I hope to see you there!

Looking back at two months since our last newsletter, FBA Victoria has had a Family Business Essentials Course, two Family Business Insider s and a Financial Essentials course – a busy two months of events.

Family Business Insiders  are an event that have been running since the beginning of this year – they are free for members to attend. A chance to have a peek at another family business, their processes and to learn a bit about their story.

We will be looking to run another Insider event in September – stay tuned for the date and see if you can get along!


Have you considered a Forum Group? The FBA forum program is the only professionally facilitated, executive discussion group for family business leaders, executives and CEOs in Australia


FBA Forum groups are made up of 10 family business leaders, meeting 10 times per year. By joining a forum group you will learn from others and share experiences on strategic planning, governance, human resources, marketing strategies, family business succession, conflict resolution, family business dynamics and more.

We are holding a forum information breakfast on August 9th if are interested or just want to find out more! Link:


A few weeks ago I caught up with Small Business Victoria. Although Small Business is their focus, and in their name, they are there to help businesses small, medium and large.  One thing that they have just finalised is the Australian Supplier Payment Code, and in the pipeline is the Small Business Regulation Review. By participating in this review (Follow the link), you  will help shape a better way for small businesses to operate and employ staff.


I hope to see you at an event if not on Hamilton Island!


State Manager