Date posted: August 7, 2017

NSW and ACT State Manager Blog – August 2017

Many NSW FBA members will also be members of other business organisations such as their local Chamber of Commerce and/or the NSW Business Chamber. Did you know that – as a member of FBA – you are entitled to a 20% discount on your NSWBC membership fee?

All businesses make decisions about the organisations of which they are going to be members, where they are going to get the best value for the time spent with organisation activities, advice, networks, contacts, information and $ spend. FBA appreciates that our members are often members of their professional services associations and other membership-based organisations that offer services of varying natures. But the NSW Business Chamber is the largest and most successful business organisation of its kind in Australia and offers some very valuable services. That’s why FBA NSW took up a membership of the NSW BC – because they will offer our members a 20% discount when you join (or renew) with them, and that can mean a big saving for you.

And – even if you are not a member of NSWBC, you are still entitled to some of their services free of charge through your membership of FBA. For example, if you need some quick, over-the-phone expert advice on an Industrial Relations matter, you can get that! Just call 13 26 96 and tell them that you are a member of Family Business Australia and would like some advice!

They also have some good events that could be of interest – check them out here and make the most of your FBA membership.

If you are a member of another key professional or business association and would like FBA to engage further with that organisation, please let me know – we can work with other associations to improve your experience.


Wendy Foster

NSW & ACT Manager

048 901 521