A community of up and coming generations in the family business sector, formed to develop peer networks and shared experiences through education.

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Next Generation (NxG) provides access to a huge network of people who are the next generation of family business. Around two-thirds of current family CEOs are 50 years of age or older, while nearly 20% are 65 plus years of age. Despite this, only around a third of family businesses consider themselves exit or succession ready. A range of professional development and networking opportunities are available to NxG participants to further build leadership pathways to assist in creating a sustainable next generation of family business.

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Networking and professional development are great opportunities to connect with other family business NxGs; FBA events offer the opportunity for NxGs to expand their ‘circle of family business friends’ which can often only consist of family members.

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Several of FBA’s courses offer NxGs the opportunity to future proof their family business. The following courses are regarded essential for any future family business leaders:

  • Leadership Development for Next Generation
  • Planning Succession for Family Business
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Next Generation Mentoring Program

The mentor program fulfills a need for young members to ready themselves for a leadership role in the family business; it may even assist in determining whether this is in the best interests of the family, the business and the individual. Mentors are selected based on the needs of the mentee, however in all cases they are senior leaders of dynamic and large family businesses.

For more information on FBA’s Mentor Program for 18-28 year olds, please email Anne-Marie McNally at amcnally@fambiz.org.au.

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Next Generation CEO Program

Offers NxG Members the opportunity to spend a day with a successful Australian CEO. It enables participant to gain insight into the CEO’s success, ask questions in an interactive and intimate forum as well as share ideas with other NxG Members. Past programs have included Norman Smorgan, Danny Breckler, Frank Seeley OAM and Bruce Tyrrell AO.

For more information on FBA’s CEO Program, please email Anne-Marie McNally at amcnally@fambiz.org.au.
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FBN International Internship Program

All FBA family business members are encouraged to become involved with the FBN International internship program, designed to facilitate cross cultural experiences for our Next Generation members.This is a wonderful opportunity to build links with family firms all over the world – you will see from the website that we already have some Australian businesses involved.

For more information on becoming a host or an intern, click here for the FBN Internship booklet.

Alternatively, visit the FBN Website.

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