Date posted: February 27, 2015

Chairman NSW Garry Beard AH Beard

G’day Family Business Partners, Forum Facilitators & Advisers, From my good friend the Corporate Ninja;

“The 2015 Year of the Goat promises to be more favourable than recent years. Influences that have been spreading chaos will start to stabilise. One thing that stands out in many oriental horoscopes is the newly-gained faith in steady economic growth and a period of prosperity and wellbeing.” Ron Lee.

Despite our wonderful governments’ continual power struggles, our great family businesses continue to succeed and grow, without wasting other people’s money.

We are blessed as an organisation to have the quality of people involved in our organisation but we need to get the message out to many more family businesses across the country.

We have not as yet been successful with recruiting our much needed State Manager for NSW, but I can assure you all our CEO Robin has been working hard over the Xmas break to fulfil that position. A special word of thanks goes to Lorena for holding the fort.

We need to grow our membership, increase our unique forums and have more people make use of our powerful education programs, and we need your help and continued support to get the message out. If you have any leads or contacts please forward them to either Lorena or our national office.

Our head office is striving to rebuild a strong and progressive new look for FBA. We have a new website, a new Family Business Professional Development booklet and a new initiative of webinars plus more.

I ook forward to catching up at one of our events.

Best wishes for happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Garry Beard