Date posted: September 3, 2015

Happy spring!  Winter is now over and we are looking forward to the warmer weather to re-invigorate us! It was great to see so many of you at the Gold Coast – another excellent Conference with some great learning mixed in with good friends and company. It is the highlight of FBA activity – we hope to see you all next year to repeat a great experience.

The NSW and ACT merger is now in place and we look forward to working closely with our friends in the capital territory. The change is really very minimal with Kylie Kovac still on the ground in Canberra and Wendy & Lorena working to support the ACT members as well as the NSW crowd. At the end of this year we will be calling for nominations to the combined NSW/ACT Committee and we hope to attract good volunteers from both regions.  

Garry Beard
NSW Chairman