Date posted: October 19, 2017

The power of a good conversation

For those of you that have known me for a while you will agree that I enjoy a good chat, conversation, catch up, chinwag etc etc.  So it would come as no surprise that I am a strong advocate on the power of learning through sharing stories.

The last few months have seen some outstanding opportunities for our members to engage in conversations leading to sharing of insights, understanding of the challenges, and celebration of achievements.  Of note would be this year’s FBA National Conference, held on Hamilton Island.  Both the location and the conference program were outstanding, with key note speakers and family stories delivering a range of content in the most beautiful setting you could ask for.  The nature of the conference provides a balance of learning and networking for delegates, a rich tapestry of knowledge to be tapped into through both informal conversation and formal learning.   

However for me the highlight was seeing our ex FBA WA and National Chairman Steve Samson receive the FBA Chairman’s and Life Membership Award.  Steve has been a long standing member and passionate supporter of FBA, both locally and nationally; his dedication to the organisation and its members has been unwavering and inspirational.  Congratulations Steve!



As we come to the last quarter of our event calendar I am excited about some other great ‘conversational learning’ opportunities closer to home.  Through our FBA Conversation series we are offering family businesses the unique environment of peer to peer learning through guided conversations over an informal breakfast. 

At our first conversation series event held earlier this month I experienced firsthand the eagerness of attendees to exchange stories, compare family and business relationships, respecting the differences while acknowledging the similarities.  The sense of others relating to and understanding your challenges and applauding your achievements cannot (and should not) be underestimated.

While the topics will be different at each event the opportunity to share experiences and exchange points of view will be certain to provide a feeling of connectivity to the family business community, empowering attendees to step forward into challenging conversations in their own families and businesses. You can view the upcoming topics for discussion and I hope you will join us at one or all of the events.

Conversations (or is that yarns) will definitely feature at our final event for 2017 with a visit to Clancy’s Fish Pub in Fremantle.  Our hosts Joe and John Fisher set about building a ‘great Australian Pub’ that would be an essential part of its community; a meeting place, a refuge from the stresses of daily life, a place for friendship and entertainment.

So what better place than the ‘Pub’ to bring together our family and friends?

I hope you will join us as we ‘Celebrate 17’ over cold drinks, good food with great friends to toast the family business successes of 2017. Register here to attend.


Look forward to talking soon,