Date posted: April 17, 2018

It is always daunting to follow someone like Roz, in anything. Whether it be presenting at a conference, or as Chair of FBA QLD, she’s a hard act to follow – she exudes confidence, intelligence, strength, professionalism and has a keen eye for straight shooting. She has always given her time and vast business and family experience to FBA QLD very willingly, and particularly over the last 4 years as Chairman. As an organisation we are much richer for the experience and are well poised to launch into 2018. Thank you Roz for your dedication, guidance and time given to the QLD Committee and we look forward to continuing to build on the strong foundations you are leaving us.

I have been a member of FBA since I attended my first National Conference in Hobart in 2003 and I have attended many FBA conferences since. Still to this day I call it “my yearly therapy session”. I have worked in my family’s business, O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat, for upwards of 12 years on and off. We are a 3rd generation business, we have a large family, the 4th generation are providing us with all sorts of challenges, and we’re steaming towards the age old family business conundrum of succession.

FBA have not only armed us with the knowledge and tools to be as ready as we possibly can as a family and as a business to face these challenges, but they have given us a wonderful network of family businesses around the country that we feel comfortable approaching for advice on how they have handled something similar, or what worked & what didn’t. For me, THAT is the greatest intangible value FBA offers its membership. To reap these benefits you have to be involved, come to our events, and meet other family business owners. You’ll be surprised how quickly you become old friends. I look forward to working with the QLD Committee to bring you, our members, opportunities throughout the year to learn not only from the experts, but also from each other via our networking events.

See you there!

Warm regards, 
Jane O’Reilly  
QLD Chairman

 Pictured: Sandra Jennings, Jane O’Reilly, Roz Shaw, Liz Shaw