Date posted: May 24, 2018

Firstly, I want thank everyone for coming to our Family Business Insights Conference this year at Leonda and thank you to the wonderful speakers for delivering amazing content. We have had so much positive feedback and I appreciate the kind words. Any event is only as good as the people who attend and engage – you all made it the great success it was. I really enjoyed myself and a highlight was meeting so many wonderful Victorian FBA members and hope to meet more over the coming months.

Congratulations to our Emerging Leaders for their enthusiasm and dedication at the first stage of the program, and to Anne-Marie for all her hard work coordinating it successfully. We have received outstanding feedback so far and we look forward to welcoming many more Emerging Leaders in the years to come. We still have a few places left this year for our condensed course which starts on June 12th so please touch base with me ASAP if you are interested.

I attended my first Conversation Series on 17th April. I found the content regarding disruption and the exponential changes occurring in technology to be very insightful and relevant.  And as always, it was an opportunity to connect with fellow FBA members over breakfast and coffee at Kooyong. I highly encourage you to come to the final conversation series of the financial year on June 20th at Kooyong.

We held the the first Women in Family Business Breakfast on 5th June at Greenfields, Albert Park.  We had three inspiring female speakers – Danielle Ciliberto-Renner & Angela Ciliberto, C-Direct Pty Ltd and Lisa Wymond, Eyes Right Optical, along with the talented facilitator, Fotini Kypraios, Prisma Legal, to make the conversation engaging and interesting. The topic for this event was “The visible and invisible roles of women in and around Family Business”.  While women remain consistently underrepresented in the upper management positions of major companies, there is one sector where they’re leading in far greater-than-average numbers: family business. 

Warm Regards, 
Ed Horwood 
VIC State Manager