Date posted: October 29, 2015

The 2016 Forum year kicks off in February, and now is the perfect time to explore whether there is a group that can help you develop yourself professionally, and in doing so, help your business to grow. 

The FBA Forum Group Program is the only professionally facilitated, executive discussion group for family business leaders, executives and CEOs in Australia. The program provides participants with a professional and confidential platform to address the issues and opportunities that face their family business.

It takes time to make sure we get the right fit for you in a forum group. Through this confidential process, you let us know what you are looking for from a forum group and what you feel you could contribute. We then arrange a meeting between you and a forum facilitator, to further explore what you want to get out of the group, and to start to determine if there might be a fit. Then you have the opportunity to meet with the group and decide whether you feel there is a good fit, and what you think you might gain from working with the other group members.

Up until this point, there is absolutely no obligation to join.

Your forum group will enable you to: 

  • Learn about succession planning, business plans and family integration from your peers
  • Develop growth strategies and share commercial experience across a variety of industries
  • Work through family business dynamics
  • Access the support and knowledge of professional facilitators with experience in organisational behaviour, psychology, business leadership, mentoring and family businesses

Here’s what current forum group participants say about their forum group:

“FBA forum groups provide an open but totally confidential means of discussing issues, both business and personal, that would otherwise not be able to be discussed and those issues solved. It’s our once a month ‘confessional’!” Andrew Mostyn, Craig Mostyn & Co Pty Ltd (WA)

“Family businesses are in the unique situation of needing to balance commercial realities with family issues, in this fundamental way they differ from other commercial enterprises. Inter-generational conflict, sibling rivalry and family ethics are family issues, however, in family businesses they also become business issues, and in these areas Forum Groups can assist. All Forum Group members have dealt with conflict within families, or are wrestling with succession issues. They understand the difficulties of balancing key employee needs and family needs and the fact that it can be lonely at the top.” Angela Ciliberto, C-Direct (VIC)

“Getting to know other family business people through Forum Groups has helped with the isolation I have felt in being in the family business. It has made me realise that we all have similar issues and our experiences can help each other solve problems.” Janelle Bulmer, Dynaweld Industrial Supplies Pty Ltd (NSW).

Click on the below video for a short introduction to the program: 

Forum Group

If you have any further questions please contact your state manager, or alternatively call head office on 03 9867 5322.

Anne-Marie  McNally
National Education Manager
Family Business Australia