Date posted: August 8, 2017

Share, Connect and Grow were definitely the outcomes when two Queensland forum groups came together for a joint retreat, ‘glamping’ on beautiful Moreton Island.


While quick introductions were made as we waited for the ferry, we really got to know the other forum group and their families on the first afternoon during relaxed sunset drinks on the beach.


The two forum groups gathered Saturday morning for an education session to help us better understand ourselves; and improve the communication and conversations within our families and businesses.


Once the ‘work’ portion of the weekend was complete, family fun became the priority, with sand tobogganing, whale watching, and evenings around the campfire toasting marshmallows and enjoying a few glasses of red.


I am always amazed at how open and welcoming FBA members are, and the close forum environment really encourages this.


The team work and problem-solving skills of the group shone during some adrenalin-packed moments in the sand as our convoy of 4WD’s headed to catch the ferry back to the mainland and real life.


Each month I expect to return from my Forum Group energised. Meeting over a few beers, with my toes in the sand means I have returned from our retreat relaxed, refreshed and looking forward to seeing familiar faces when many of us will meet again at Hamilton Island for the National Conference.


Blog post provided by Sandra Jennings