Date posted: October 6, 2017

Ennio International is an organisation that has embraced innovation like no other. Their story began in the 1980’s when they released an improved design of elastic netting launched as “String Cling”. Ennio International’s story is actually built on their success as a family owned business within the fashion industry and was admired within Australia as Mercuri Knitwear during the 1950’s to the 1980’s. Its transformation commenced through recognition of an opportunity in the meat packaging industry where they were able to utilise their knitting expertise to create elastic netting that provided solutions to many challenges faced by the industry at that time. Ennio International were able to adapt the same skills as knitwear and apply them to the changing needs of the current generation.

At FBA we recognise the tremendous accomplishments of an organisation such as Ennio International and they have recently been awarded FBA’s Distinguished Family Business of the Year Award which recognises excellence in their industry. Chosen from our 2016 inductees into the State Family Business Halls of Fame this is FBA’s most prestigious family business award.

We asked Ennio Mercuri, Managing Director, Ennio International to share some insights and advice on the competitive advantage of being a family business:

  1. What are your aspirations in the future for your family business?
    To expand the current efforts in the Americas and become the key supplier to the industry within our market segment.
  2. What have been the greatest opportunities being a family business in your industry?
    The focus on the Americas means the Family Business profile is greatly valued both in the key US market but also in the Latin American markets.  The high care factor that Family Businesses possess and portray assist Ennio International in gaining the confidence and trust of customers.
  3. What are the greatest challenges of being a family business?
    Large corporates do not always value the Family Business culture.
  4. What advice would you give to other family businesses who own a family business or are thinking about it?
    Perseverance and don’t give up.   You never know what can be around the corner… And TURN UP.  Get out there and talk, talk, talk, to customers, suppliers, through direct contact, trade shows, follow up on all calls. 
  5. What are the main benefits or value your membership with FBA has offered you?
    Mixing with businesses that have similar values, problems and goals.  You feel at home amongst strangers.

 If you wish to know more about Ennio International – please visit their website here.