Date posted: December 4, 2014

Australia’s Family Business Magazine is the go to publication for family business insights. The magazine provides practical articles and tips on business best practice, as well as featuring profiles by renowned business journalist, Alan Kohler.

The December 14 issue has just been released featuring a host of family business profiles and their stories.

A primary challenge for family businesses is transition; several family business profiles in this month’s magazine look at how each of these family businesses have had to manage this:  

  • The father and son partnership at the Oatley family business, now in its third generation;
  • Victorian chicken processors, the Hezeldenes, and their second generation business;
  • 100-year-old Bulla Dairy Foods, now in its sixth generation

The importance of succession planning, and the consequences of a lack thereof, can be seen further afield in China. Peter Cai explores the catastrophic economic impact this is having in China; of the millions of family businesses in China, only a fraction are successfully transitioning to the next generation.

The December 14 issue also features articles on topics ranging from the increasing numbers and influence of women on family business boards, potential threats to family businesses, including family fraud and hackers, as well as the FBA Accredited Adviser Brains Trust, this month, looking at perfecting the implementation of a family business expert.   

This is the final issue for 2014; you will see FBM return in February 2015!

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