Date posted: December 11, 2014

The Family Business Diagnostic Tool is available to all family businesses in the Resource Centre of the website. It is designed to be a simple to use analysis program that will identify areas of your family business that require attention and provide direction on how to build relevant development strategies and action plans to move forward.

Created by Family Business Resource Centre, a team of experienced professionals in the family business sector, the Diagnostic Tool is based on many years of research looking at what makes a family business successful. From this, 9 Key Success Factors have been identified as areas that need to be well managed to maximise family business outcomes. By completing the Diagnostic Tool, individually or as a family business unit, you can start the relevant conversations to prioritise areas of importance.

As your family business progresses and works towards its targets in each identified area, the characteristics of the business are likely to change. For this reason, the Diagnostic Tool is a resource that can be used multiple times to track your business’ performance and identify new areas that may require attention over time.

To download the diagnostic tool click here.