Date posted: December 9, 2014

Family Business Australia congratulates and welcomes four new advisers to the Accredited Adviser community. By undertaking the Accreditation process, advisers demonstrate their commitment to the family business community. They show their dedication to understanding the complex and unique nature of family business advising and equip themselves with the necessary tools and education to better support the largest and most dynamic sector in Australia.

 FBA’s four new Accredited Advisers are:

  • Catherine Resnick from Western Australia, the Private and Family Business Adviser at Strategic Perspectives, specialising in change management, family charters/ councils and succession.
  • Keith Drewery, a Private Enterprise Consultant at KPMG in New South Wales, focusing on inter-generational wealth management, succession and the role of philanthropy in legacy development.
  • Cecelia Irvine-So, the Principal at Moores Accredited Specialist Business Law in Victoria, assisting clients in moving from objective clarification to action in areas of shareholder agreements, succession planning reports, family workshops and training.
  • Lloyd T. J. Russell, the Managing Director and Owner of TCB Solutions in Queensland, providing strategic, governance and performance improvement services that deliver practical and tailored solutions.

To view their profiles and the profiles of other Accredited Advisers who can offer relevant, practical and pertinent advice see our Accredited Adviser Listing.