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Governance refers to the structures, systems and processes concerned with ensuring an organisation’s overall direction, effectiveness, supervision (control) and accountability.

Having systems in place for both business and family governance are some of the best ways to ensure the sustainable management and long term success of your family business. This is because formal governance structures assist open communication between family members, reduce internal conflicts, nurture the next generation of leaders, and develop a shared family vision for the future.

In addition, as a member of a family business with a material impact on the direction and strategy of the business, it is important you know your role and meet your legal responsibilities, as you may be as liable as any director on the board.

The Family Business Directors Course is a two day session that establishes the value that a board brings to the business. It will also go over your duties, responsibilities and how to structure a board that is appropriate for the needs of your family business. This course is supported by the use of a case study to drive home the topics covered.

Course outline

  • Business governance, the role of the board and how to balance the interests of owners and managers
  • An overview of the legal framework in which businesses operate and the legal duties and responsibilities of directors and officers
  • The financial and accounting aspects of business governance, and how to measure profitability, liquidity and financial stability
  • The role of the board as a whole, and the individual roles of the chairperson, directors and CEO
  • An overview of good practice for a board
  • Family governance; the structures, roles and processes that help family businesses thrive over generations
  • How to integrate family and business governance to best effect

Key learning

  • Understand the role a board can play in growing your business
  • Understand the unique challenges family business directors face
  • Define the core areas of legal responsibilities for directors
  • Consider the options for structuring a board of directors to suit your family business

Who should attend

  • All members involved in strategically guiding the family business
  • Executive and non-executive directors of family businesses
  • CEOs and senior managers of family businesses
  • Family business shareholders


Lucio Dana
Principal Facilitator
Fotini Kypraios
Prisma Legal
Legal Facilitator
Michelle De Lucia
Finance Facilitator

Lucio Dana
Lucio Dana is an FBA Accredited Adviser and Forum Facilitator.

He developed, and is the principal presenter of, three of FBA’s National Education Programs: Family Business Directors’ Course; Strategic Planning Course; and Leadership Transition Course.

Lucio has taught family business at the Monash and RMIT Universities and is the co-author of a book entitled Family Business Succession Planning: A 10 Step Guide.

Together with Professor Kosmas Smyrnios of RMIT University, Lucio has conducted and reported on 4 National Family Business Surveys sponsored by MGI, the latest of which was in 2013.

Fotini Kypraios
Fotini is the Founder and Principal Lawyer of Prisma Legal, a boutique commercial law firm. She is also an accredited FBA Family Business Adviser and a member of the VIC FBA Adviser Committee.

Fotini has over 18 years’ experience advising clients in range of legal areas, including litigation, management, international investment tax consulting, succession, sales and transition of businesses and general commercial issues. Fotini’s broad local and international experience has enabled her to develop expertise in commercial and corporate issues in a diverse range of contexts. Having grown up in a family business, Fotini is passionate about working with business owners and families in business.

Michelle De Lucia
Michelle De Lucia is a Director at KPMG Enterprise and has over 15 years’ experience working alongside family owned businesses to maximise the value and long-term success of their business. Specifically, Michelle offers strategic advice on issues such as governance, strategy, succession, exit planning, wealth preservation and philanthropy. 

Michelle is passionate about assisting the NxG succeed by broadening networks, helping improve technical and soft skills, and particularly enjoys mentoring them for their current and future roles.

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