Date posted: August 8, 2014

Lowen Partridge from Peartree Marketing joined FBA to discuss the concept of ‘brand engineering’, teasing out ideas that help to strategically define and document a family business identity. Well known Victorian family business brands, APT Tours and Linen House shared compelling concrete examples of how they translated their family business cultures and product offerings into enduring brands that resonate with their audiences.

The presentation illustrated what the marketplace really thinks of family businesses and how this plays in developing an enduring family business brand:

  • Family Business is very high on Trust indicators; supported by the 2014 Edelman Trust Bramometer
  • Leveraging those positive feelings, along with family business culture, is key to developing a brand that becomes a valuable company asset
  • Adding your family name and status to your brand is a proven positive tactic,
  • However family businesses must remember to live their family business values and differentiate and resonate

Elements or components within a business that will contribute to the brand and need to be considered when updating or developing that brand.

Peartree Marketing is an Adelaide based marketing consultancy that specializes in brand engineering, helping build value in their business.