Date posted: June 7, 2017

I recently attended the Industry Leaders fund event to promote Family Business and was pleased to see how many family businesses members have been recipients of the funding.   Zoe Detmold gave a wonderful account of how this privately funded grants scheme had allowed her to study and further enhance her skills. This is a wonderful opportunity for many family businesses to access higher education from a range of local national and international providers.  

We had our State conference in late May and while the attendance was lower than usual the day was a resounding success.  A huge thank you to all of the committee who worked on the sessions and the speakers for their engaging and interesting presentations.  I know I came away with some ideas to work on for our business.  

We have a Forum Breakfast coming up on the 22nd of August.  For more information on these events you can visit the website.  Have you visited our Facebook page?


Look forward seeing you at one of our events soon in the meantime stay warm and enjoy the last of Autumn.  

Debbie Reed