Company: Fordham Group
Position: Senior Manager
Address: GPO Box 4369
Suburb: MELBOURNE, 3001
State: VIC
Phone: (03) 9611 6066
Mobile: 0416 215 656
Specialties: Business Valuation, Taxation
Areas of expertise: Accounting and finance

Rachna D’mello has been working as a Senior Manager at the Fordham Group’s Melbourne Office since June 2015. Fordham is a specialist part of Perpetual Limited, we help business owners with their business in the areas of Tax, Accounting, Strategic Planning, Operational Performance Improvement, Business Sale and/or Acquisitions and together with Perpetual we offer an integrated approach to Investment, Superannuation, Philanthropy & Wealth Management advice.

Rachna’s passion is in understanding her client’s journey and how they have achieved success and what drives them. To give meaning and purpose to wealth and to help clients define vision and strategy for their wealth is what drives her.

Have you contemplated questions like:

  • What is the purpose of our wealth?
  • How can we give meaning to this wealth?
  • How can we impart the right values to my children ?
  • How much is enough and how can we help those that do not have that privilege?

These are questions that Rachna would like to go on a journey with you to explore, evaluate, decide and implement.

Rachna is an expert in business services and tax with a specialisation in family owned businesses. She delivers tailored solutions to address her clients’ needs, sets financial goals, and assists with estate planning and inter-generational wealth planning.

She heads a team that deliver business owner bookkeeping services. Her passion for numbers and process drives her to design streamlined processes for clients to give them peace of mind.

Increasingly she has been providing services to families that do not want to be bothered by paperwork and bills. Her team has taken processes from business owners to families by assisting with bill payments, personal expense summary reports and providing advice on how to engage the next generation.

It is not easy to teach the next generation the value of money in the context of purpose of wealth. Her passion is in aligning values and visions and helping families on their wealth journey where these are aligned.

She is keen to work with families looking for a simple solution, keen to use innovative technologies and find new ways to explore how we can help families and their businesses.

Clients value her warm personality and over time they build long term relationships and they value her trusted advice.