Company: Woodhouse Consulting and Coaching Services
Position: Director
Address: PO Box 55
Suburb: Hillarys, 6923
State: WA
Mobile: 0417 178 493
Areas of expertise:

Michael’s formal business qualifications and 30 years’ practitioner experience are complimented by his scientific and yet approachable style. He assists family business to resolve the natural tensions that present themselves and to achieve the businesses money-making potential.


Recognising that all families and businesses are different, Michael delivers bespoke family and business governance solutions that harmonises the specific needs of the business, the owners and the family enabling profitable business continuity. Michael’s human resource practitioner skills position him to not only discover and map the families and business goals, but to mentor the next generation to revive and continue the legacy entrained by previous generations.


As a process consultant, his experience in delivering operational improvement solutions focusing on;

  • leveraging value from the business’s human effort
  • reducing operational process waste
  • increasing the business capacity to deliver lower cost of operation.