Company: Family Business Dynamics
Position: Managing Director
Suburb: ,
State: VIC
Mobile: 0417 390 020
Specialties: Family-in-business ‘dynamics’ and communication skills, Family-in-business transition and succession planning, Team building; and personal development
Areas of expertise: Family-in-business ‘dynamics’; application of the Margerison McCann (TMS) Team Management System to families-in-business, Family-in-business transition and succession planning

As a specialist in family-in-business dynamics, communications, and continuity, Lucio helps members of business families work more effectively together as a team with clear values and uniting goals. In the process, related issues of longer-term success and continuity are also explored and addressed.

Lucio is an accredited FBA specialist family business adviser and Margerison McCann Team Management System (TMS) facilitator. He is the facilitator of 2 FBA Forum Groups in Victoria.

Over the years, Lucio developed and was a presenter of FBA’s Directors Course, Strategic Planning Course, and Leadership Transition Course.

Lucio – has taught family business at the Monash and RMIT Universities in Melbourne. He obtained his PhD in management from RMIT University – Research Topic: Family Business Continuity: Key Factors and Main Practices.

Lucio is co-author of:

  • a book entitled Family Business Succession Planning: A 10 Step Guide
  • a peer reviewed article entitled Family Business Best Practices: Where From & Where To?” 2010. Journal of Family Business Strategy, 1(1), 40-53, and
  • four National Family and Private Business Surveys – 2006, 2007, 2010, and 2013.