Company: John Broons Advisory
Position: Founder
Address: 8 Morriston St
Suburb: North Perth, 6006
State: WA
Mobile: 0433 131 070
Specialties: Business structure and restructure, Executive coaching, Family communication, Family dynamics, Family meeting facilitation, Generational change/transition, Mentoring, Succession Planning, Vision and Values
Areas of expertise: Business Coaching, Business development, Dispute resolution, Family relationships, Mediation, Strategic Planning

As a highly experienced FBA Specialist Accredited Advisor, John has been deeply involved in advising family businesses and facilitating family groups since the early 1990s. Drawing on his own experiences from within a 3rd generation family business, he’s helped numerous family businesses build their legacy and reclaim their family lives. Passionate about helping families create happier, stronger, and more prosperous lives, his consultative, personal approach is centered on breaking down the common misconceptions about being a family-in-business. He works with families to build a collaborative environment, encourages open communication, and helps families come to terms with generational change. He also works with individuals who wish to step up into the Ownership of the Business, as well as individually with the current Owner in discussing strategies into supporting and education the future leaders. Widely recognized as a leading expert in the family business field, he regularly delivers workshops, seminars, lectures and presentations on family business, relationships, and leadership. His personal understanding of the complexities of merging family and business life helps him simplify those entanglements and provide practical solutions. As a founding committee and board member in Victoria during the 1990s (before the FBA became a national body), he joined the Family Firm Institute (Boston, USA) to deepen his expertise in advising family business. Through FFI he gained both a Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Family Advising and has since been honored with a Fellowship of the Family Firm Institute. Since 2003 he has facilitated two family forum groups in Perth, specializing in family dynamics, generational change and solving problems for the long-term positive future of a business. Rounding out his knowledge and expertise across a broad range of strategic commercial, financial, and organizational matters, since 2007 John also chairs two groups for The Executive Connection (TEC). Through TEC, he works with the CEO’s of private and corporate companies to make them the best leaders they can be. John is one of only two people in the last 30years to have received the Robert Norse Award in Australia, and for nine consecutive years has been honored with a TEC Chair Excellence Gold Award.