Company: Fitzpatricks Advisory Partners
Position: Director – Private Client Adviser
Address: Level 23, 215 Adelaide Street
Suburb: BRISBANE, 4000
State: QLD
Phone: 1300 199 693
Mobile: 0417 196 178
Specialties: Counselling, Family Law, Financial planning, Financial Strategist, Financial Training, Life Coaching, Retirement Coaching, Retirement Plans, Wealth Management
Areas of expertise: Decision Making, family agreements/constitutions, Financial planning, Mentoring, Non executive director, preparation for succession, Relationship management, retirement plans and retirement counselling, Succession, Wealth management

Helen is a Director of Fitzpatricks Advisory Partners and Private client adviser, having been in the finance and investment industry since 1986. 

Fitzpatricks Advisory Partners is part of the Fitzpatricks Private Wealth group, providing holistic strategic private client advice and specialised advice in:

  • Family Office and Family Board Administration
  • Business succession planning
  • Philanthropy and Charitable giving
  • Estate and legacy planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth preservation
  • Providing advice to successful individuals, families and family businesses in collaboration with other necessary specialists including accountants, lawyers, brokers etc to achieve a client’s family goals and helping them to live their best life.
  • Providing assistance in emotional governance (CEO – Chief Emotional Officer)in individual and family issues in dealing with money forces  and wealth;  working on the universal connection between you and your association with money, the impact this has on your relationships, family, business and legacy.


Helen’s expertise comes from her heritage as a 3rd generation family business descendant, together with close to 3 decades of life and work experience in this area.

Helen holds a number of qualifications including: Masters of Financial Planning, Graduate Certificate Financial Psychology, Behavioural Finance, Diploma of Life Coaching, Certificates in Transition and Retirement Coaching.  She also holds a number of certifications in collaboration, facilitation, including a TAE training qualification which she has used to train in financial literacy, money values and lectures in Behavioural Finance at University level.  

 Her experience, training and specialty skill set is beneficial to people to help unlock money mindset, understand financial behaviour, develop healthy relationships with money, and to make conscious financial decisions during major life transitions such as business succession, generational transition planning, retirement, and sudden money events such as inheritance, divorce, loss of a spouse (i.e. financial windfall).