Date posted: July 2, 2015

The WA State Conference on 4 June explored innovation, inspiration and insights in family business. A highlight of the day was announcing the 2015 WA Hall of Fame Inductees, Dawson’s Garden World and Freedom Pools & Spas. Thanks to all who helped make the day such a success.

Family Businesses Sleeping Out Together!
We are so proud of our FBA Members who participated in the CEO Sleepout to raise money for St Vinnies and awareness of the homeless issue, while I am aware of   Chris Galvin, Brad Cassidy, Rob Manford and Jeremy Manford (VIC) I am sure there are more….. you can still donate to each of these by visiting the website.


Small Business Matters
While we understand family businesses are not always small business, we do know that there are a large number of business that are both family run small enterprises. The 11th of July will see the first Small Business Day being held in WA – FBA are supporting this initiative and hope our members will get involved too. There are great tools and resources to help us support small business visit the website and download the tool kit, join the online conversation and promote small business.

Coming up in July there are some great events including Paying and Performance Managing Family Business. Performance issues affect family relationships and can affect non-family staff morale. This will be a fantastic session providing suggested approaches to family remuneration and performance management as well as tips to professionalise your HR practices.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Lorraine Willis
WA State Manager