Date posted: August 5, 2016

This past month many of my conversations with family businesses (both members and non-members) have confirmed what many of you probably already know, ‘times are tough and its going to be a while before it gets any better on the business front’.  My observation is that when things are not going well that is the time you can gain the most from a group of peers to share things with.  A group of our membership agree with me as this month will see the launched the fourth Forum Group for WA. 

Some of the best support I have ever seen for business owners comes through the Forum Groups, so much so that I am tempted to start up my own family business just so I can join a group! If you would like to consider joining a group, it starts with a phone call to me – 0458 055 980.

Another area where FBA excels in providing support and education is at the annual National Family Business Conference, there is nothing else to compare to this gathering of like minded family business professionals and of course August is when it all happens.   I am so looking forward to seeing many of our WA members in Melbourne from 17 – 19 and if you haven’t registered there is still time to do so. The speakers look fascinating but it is the delegates who really make it a success so come along and spend time with your ‘own kind’ and get inspired again!

Until next month!

WA State Manager