Date posted: October 18, 2016

Selling or growing your family business – we covered both ends of the spectrum in the past weeks.

In September we celebrated National Family Business Day with our Annual Public Lecture with the UWA Business School. Danny Breckler, Chairman of the Betts Group shared openly the journey he has taken to build this global shoe manufacturing and retail business. In the audience were his wife and children, who Danny acknowledged were the inspiration and enablers for him to take this business to where it is today and to commence handing over to the next generation of the Breckler family.  You can listen to Danny’s presentation by clicking here. Click here to view a special interview on Today Tonight.

As the opposite end to transitioning a 5th generation business is the decision Raymond and Lianne Gianoli took, that of selling their family business after building it to a very successful enterprise. At a breakfast event Raymond shared the businesses (and his personal) journey from humble beginnings to the point where they had the opportunity to sell to a large publicly listed organisation.  It wasn’t an easy process, emotional and somewhat challenging to both their confidence as successful business owners and belief in their businesses structures and processes. However with the support of their trusted Adviser they worked through the sale process and Raymond and Lianne are now looking to the future and the many opportunities this holds.

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[/special_functionality_column][/special_functionality_row] [special_functionality_row][special_functionality_column lg=”4″ md=”4″ sm=”4″ xs=”12″ ]Looking to the future for FBA, our next event is the 2016 Hall of Fame Gala Dinner on the 24th of November.  Again we will acknowledge not only the past inductees but find out who the 2016 additions to this prestigious gallery of successful family businesses will be.  Please visit our website for more details on the Hall of Fame and how to be part of this premier event.

These past and future events represent much of what FBA offers to its members and the wider family business community.  The sharing of stories, the open and honest way these leaders are happy to pass on advice based on real life experiences, demonstrates the trust between family business leaders and the need for these business examples to be held up for all to learn from.

I hope that you will join us at our future events, come and see what you can learn from your peers.

If you have any membership or event questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me on 0458 055 980.

Until next month,

Lorraine Willis