Date posted: September 9, 2016

What do family businesses do better than non-family business?

Delegates who attended the FBA National Conference in Melbourne were excited to see the return of the famous perhaps that should be infamous ‘Longest Family Business Lunch’. I am happy to report that a great afternoon was had by well over 150 guests with networking beginning as guests formed ‘Family Business Teams’ representing international business names such as Fiat, Faber Castelle and Glen Fiddich. As teams settled in for an afternoon of great food and exceptional company the entertainment unfolded in the guise of a game show, quizzing the brightest and best from the family business community on music, famous faces and general knowledge.

The afternoon came to a very noisy and fun filled end with a couple of rounds of ‘Family Feud’ which saw contestants answering questions that the audience had been surveyed on earlier in the day. The highlight for me was the outstanding performances by WA members, one of whom shall be forever known as the person who answered the question ‘What do family businesses do better than non family business?’  and with a glass of wine in hand she proudly announced ‘Drink!. Needless to say the audience response was thunderous applause and much laughter. 

Our conservative and considered thinker, Anthony Quahe of Civic Legal provided the top answer for ‘What would be a great mascot for a family business?’. His response of Kangaroo surprisingly matched 50 percent of survey answers, and on thinking about the Kangaroo, resilient, strong and how it keeps its next generation safe until they can fend for themselves this seems a likely mascot indeed. Another crowd favourite although a little left field was the Boa Constrictor, reason being that it gave great hugs but often didn’t let go until it was too late!!

The WA contingency gathered for its traditional pre-conference networking to ensure all the new attendees felt included and prepared for the two days that lay ahead.  The conference was a great success, with diverse and entertaining speakers, content to provide guidance and insights for all manner of family businesses and above all the valuable connections between businesses across our great country.  If you didn’t attend this year, make sure you put this in your calendar for 2017.  



Distinguished Family Business of the Year Awards Dinner

Closer to home and looking to the future we have some fantastic events coming up for the remainder of the year, including the following:

  • As part of the National Family Business Day celebrations Danny Breckler of the Betts Group speaking at the UWA Business School on the 20th September – click here to register
  • Raymond Gianoli will share his story on the sale of his family business Prime Laundry at a breakfast in October
  • Family Business Directors Course 10 and 11 November – click here to register
  • 2016 Family Business Hall of Fame Gala Event will be held in November

You can view more information and register for all of the above events on our WA Events Webpage.

I will look forward to welcoming you at an event in the near future, if you have any membership or event questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me on 0458 055 980.

Until next month,
Lorraine Willis
WA State Manager